Science communication

Non-science writing

SciBlogs guest article A woman’s touch: Where are the evolutionary studies of female animals? – Suffrage 125 (19 Sept 2018)

Science Trends Exaggerated Weapons In New Zealand Spiders – Does Size Matter? (25 June 2018)


Participant in NZHerald Election 2017 conservation policy panel (3 October 2017)

Otago museum diaries (3 August 2015)


Talking insect cards again with In Situ science  (11 December 2016)

Playing cards with our native insects (13 October 2016)

Talking spider fights on RadioNZ Jesse Mulligan 1-4pm (13 June 2016)


Article about our spider fighting behaviour paper (30 April 2018)

Dickinson, M. “Scientists deal native insect cards to help save NZ species”, Whanganui Chronicle. (27 May 2017) (image)

Chatting with Maria Ji about insects  (7 February 2017)

Four Corners; A bug’s game. North and South magazine, January 2017, Issue 370: pg 28.





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