A week on Burgess Island; Fun titles are hard

About a week ago I shirked mainland life and mainland PhD work for just under a week of remote island living. Burgess Island of the Mokohinau Islands is situated off the North East coast of the North Island. The island is a scenic reserve and key field site for another PhD student, Megan, who is studying colouration of sea birds such as the diving petrel (Pelecanoides urinatrix). While Megan and another PhD candidate are still on the island, I went along for the first half of their trip to take an opportunistic fossick around the undergrowth for Cambridgea. I didn’t have much luck (at most I found a couple outgroup species for phylogenetic analysis) which made it all just a fantastic holiday before I start knuckling down to begin my own field work.

This post is just a large photo brag.

P1020346 P1020342 P1020465 P1020463 P1020458 P1020446 P1020437 P1020428 P1020421 P1020405 P1020402 P1020399 P1020395 P1020385 P1020378 P1020356 P1020355 P1020360

The last photograph is there to prove that there was work going on. (Even if it wasn’t mine). Big thanks to Megan for letting me come along on the trip that she organised (field trip without having to do all the admin = literally the best thing).

Not depicted: The 45 knot winds and the 110m, 45 degree incline hill that the hut was on.