PhD: Selective memory

Almost three months have elapsed since my last update. Obviously a lot has happened in that time but for the sake of my sanity and for the sake of not turning my poor diary discipline into a mini-thesis, I’m going to go on and pretend that the past three months didn’t happen and just refer to them in future as a little in-joke to myself.

So where am I at right now: Mostly writing permits, planning collecting trips for the summer and measuring spiders at Landcare and the Auckland museum.

I have conducted preliminary allometric analyses on my measurement data for C. foliata males and have found that there is some evidence of an allometric relationship both in male chelicerae size and in the length of their anterior legs. There are some complicating factors about whether to log-transform my data. I have also been reading up on sexual size dimorphism as body size is going to be a very important variable when it comes to examining role of weapon size in predicting fight outcomes.

In other news I also don’t have to keep getting up at 5:30am to drop my boyfriend at a real job. I’m looking forward to getting back some mental alertness.

Next time: Will be within 3 months.